Sergiu Chihaia

Sergiu Chihaia (b. 1982), graduated National University of Arts, currently is a titular lecturer at the Fashion department, within the same institution. Lives and works in Bucharest. Participates with his work at national and international exhibitions (Bucharest, Constanta, London and Venice). Has artworks in private collections in England, Italy and Romania. In 2014 wins the UAP prize for Decorative – Textile Arts at the 5th edition of ”Arts in Bucharest”. Sculptor, designer, textile artist and stage designer. As a scenographer, his goal is to recreate the history of the mankind as a stage, an exhibition space for humanities dramas, joys and victories.


If we want to change the world, we must first change ourselves. Homo ecologicus inhabits the planet without leaving invasive traces. Follow the rule of the three “Rs”: reduce waste, reuse objects, and recycle waste.

I propose an installation where nature coexists with plastic. The trees in this adaptation process develop their own defence mechanisms against plastic pollution. Nature that “screams” for help while the plastic captures and suffocates it. Collected and recovered branches take the form of trees fallen to the ground, writhing in pain. Trees that help us have cleaner air and that are now at a standstill and can’t breathe because of plastic or rather because of us.

*Project realized with the support of   Display Grup, Impuls Leasing Romania, AMIQ Consulting, AVONI Lighting, ButanGas, interfaț, Respiro Dental