Alex Antonescu

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Light works with AVONI LightingAlex Antonescu is 22 years old and is an illustrator and graphic designer, recently graduated from the National University of Arts in Bucharest, with ongoing master’s studies in Visual Communications.

His illustrative style and artistic signature for which he is recognized is represented by the construction of characters and the concepts behind them. His works often have a humorous tone, are well structured and challenge the user to decode the message. Whether illustration, typographic design, editorial or visual identity, a strong concept takes shape, always accompanied by well-defined symbolism, a substrate, a semiotic language.

He is represented internationally by the Anna Goodson Illustration Agency and his art has penetrated the intercontinental market; from internationally produced wine bottle labels, wall art and transport posters, to illustrations for the identity of the city of Quebec in Canada.

Many of the artist’s works represent ethical beliefs or personal experiences, are focused on symbolism or simply attack a current topic.

As the main inspiration in defining the artistic style was, for Alex, Polaroid and analogue photography – a defining point of departure -, another important role in shaping his artistic style was the PopArt artistic current, specific to the 50s.