Dumitrița Răzlog


The work proposed for “M City” tries to transform the space, making it transparent, by bringing the outside into the inside. The image can be read as a metaphor for the pandemic experience that we pass through almost inertly, like climbing escalators. The reason for the time in which we remain passive was chosen precisely to emphasize the sense of permanence of the crisis. Through the multiple avatars and phases, although possible to go through, the pandemic forces us to a repetitive transition.”

Dumitrița Răzlog graduated from the Bucharest National University of Arts and is currently a master’s student at the Mural Art department, within the same institution.

At the beginning of her artistic career, she explores different methods of expression: painting, installation, graffiti, and engraving. Usually, the artist goes through a process of introspection, always looking for the right medium through which to convey the emotion of the chosen subjects as intensely as possible.

She participated in exhibitions in Bucharest and made illustrations for the Ministry of Culture.

Work lit with AVONI Lighting products.

Project realized with the support of Display Grup, Impuls Leasing Romania, AMIQ Consulting, ButanGas, interfața.ro, Respiro Dental, powered by Molotow România