Iulia Pănoiu

“Circo Depressivo” is a project that started from the experience of a 6-month scholarship at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan.

This project is about feelings, the feeling of living in a circus of jokes and helplessness.

The name of the theme, “Circo Depressivo”, is in Italian to better define the time spent at the university in Milan, the atmosphere of which was reminiscent of a circus with agitated clowns running towards each other, getting in each other’s way and scribbling.

Trying to fit in, the artist could only visualize herself as another number in this sad show, which made her homesick. For this project to specifically capture the states, experiences and personal feelings of the artist and not just a few sad clowns, the idea of ​​self-portraits was born. Given the circumstances related to the pandemic, the posters were made and presented exclusively digitally.

All these clowns represent a part of moods and feelings in college days.

“Primo giorno, 30 sett” represents the first day of college in Milan and expresses a state of joy, slightly affected by the thought of adapting to the landscape.

“Il grande shock”, “Revisione”, “Tecnologia della carta” and “Esami finali” mark moments of helplessness and misunderstanding. The shock comes from the fact that nothing is as expected, the differences in thought and practice are very large, and nothing connects.

“Dissimulazione”, “Riconciliazione”, “Facendo amicizia”, ​​”Workshop a Bari” and “Telefono a casa” are the feelings of integration, acceptance, of disguising happiness in these moments, to move on. A phone call to the family back home, a small reunion with a familiar person gives you the courage to finish the semester well.

“Il mio compleano”/ “My birthday” talks about February 18, the day when the artist celebrated alone in this country, without friends, but only with the idea of ​​partying.

“Ultimo giorno, 29 feb” is the final poster of this depressing show, the last day of this stock market experience, the last day of this marathon of hard-to-endure moments, the last day of the show.

After these 12 circus numbers at the host faculty, which ends with the show mentioned above, the departure for home brings with it another circus. One where going to college is banned for two weeks, and so is leaving the house. “Il ritorno” is the bonus poster of this project and represents the period when the hard times passed and the hope of returning to normal began to appear, but surprise, chaos began at home. We all know the story of quarantine, but for the artist it was even harder to bear, considering the previous experience.

Iulia Pănoiu (b. 1997) received her bachelor’s degree in graphics in 2018 at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the National University of Arts in Bucharest and graduated with a master’s degree in Graphic Arts at the same university in 2020. In the fall of 2019, she obtained a scholarship in Milan, Italy, for 6 months. She was a scholarship holder of the Young Talents program of the Princess Margareta Foundation of Romania in 2018. In 2017 she was the coordinator of the linocut workshop at the “Street Delivery” Festival. She is passionate about engraving and classic drawing styles, but she also combines digital techniques in her works. She won the 3rd place at the Bucharest International Print Biennale-Student print in 2016. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, both in Bucharest and in the country, among which also includes the Drawing Biennale in Timișoara, where it was awarded Distinction of Honor.

Together with 4 other artists, she created the first mural in the Dacia Renault Factory in Romania.

Iulia coordinated numerous workshops for children, both drawing, painting and engraving.

Project realized with the support of Display Grup, Impuls Leasing Romania, AMIQ Consulting, ButanGas, interfața.ro, Respiro Dental, powered by Molotow România

Works lit with AVONI Lighting products.