Mimi Pleșoianu

“page 74: the morning” and “page 75: the discovery”

The two works exhibited in the Piața Romană metro station are part of a comic book whose action takes place almost exclusively inside the artist’s mind. The main characters are Mimi and the boy Harry. The story follows Mimi’s emotional evolution and how she faces real or imagined fears. The works chosen for the exhibition represent a key moment in the story, conveying the fresh energy of a new beginning.

Mimi Pleșoianu (b.1995) is a visual artist, a graduate of the National University of Arts in Bucharest and a member of the UAP. The artist expresses herself through illustration, painting and installation and finds her inspiration in the people and objects that surround her, but especially in her own inner world. Mimi creates using the aesthetic of kitsch and experiments with the ways in which it manifests in art and beyond.

Starting from September 2020, Mimi is a PhD student at the National University of Arts in Bucharest, majoring in Visual Arts.

Works lit with AVONI Lighting products.

Project realized with the support of Display Grup, Impuls Leasing Romania, AMIQ Consulting, ButanGas, interfața.ro, Respiro Dental, powered by Molotow România