Raluca Macovei

The ORDINARY DAYS project reveals a small world, unfolding with an even cadence, on the pages of notebooks. These include states, specific interior elements of the bus, trolleybus, tram or subway – positions in time and space of people in public transport. The drawings were made in real-time, the artist being the observer and draftsman of the travel partners every day, hour or just a few minutes. These works will be revealed to the travelling public as a mirror of the moving life of each participant in these journeys through time.

Raluca Macovei (b. 1994) is a graduate of the National University of Arts in Bucharest, with a bachelor’s degree in 2016 (painting department) and a master’s degree in 2018 – painting department.

Between 2014-2019, she was involved in the smooth running of over 40 events with an artistic profile.

In 2018, she was a collaborating artist in the house “Wagner beautiful arts and stories”, where she painted porcelain objects with specific watercolours, liquid gold or platinum. In the same year, she became a member of the Union of Visual Artists from Romania, painting branch.

Since 2019, Raluca divides her time between her career as an independent artist and that of a teacher of art education in pre-university education.

During her last exhibition, “SLOW TOMORROW”, hosted in November 2021 by the contemporary art gallery LABORNA, the public could discover an interesting artistic approach, in which objects, plants, and fragments of landscapes from the everyday world were observed by the artist in a unique way as if they were self-portraits, each element was treated with special attention, through the technique of drawing and painting.

Her artistic vision focuses on drawing after nature, in the sphere of figurative art, of everything that represents people, plants, objects, paying special attention to portraiture and self-portraiture in painting. Her working techniques include pencil drawing, liner, marker, charcoal, collage technique, and acrylic painting.

Project realized with the support of  Display Grup, Impuls Leasing Romania, AMIQ Consulting, ButanGas, interfața.ro, Respiro Dental, powered by Molotow România

Works lit with AVONI Lighting products