Victor Costache

The character M

“I have always noticed that the Piața Romană metro station has a different architecture compared to the other metro stations; with its low ceiling, narrow platform and arches joining the platform galleries. All these things I had time to think about in my daily passage to college and back.

Initially, the Piața Romană station was not supposed to exist. When the construction of the Berceni-Pipera metro section began, Elena Ceaușescu ordered to do less with a metro station, because “Bucharesters started to gain weight and that it would be better for them to walk”. The engineers decided to eliminate the “most important station” only on paper and to continue its construction in secret, going to open it officially when its necessity began to be felt.

From the perspective of an art student passing through the Roman Square in his daily routine, I watched with interest the story of the construction of the station that was not supposed to exist.

As a sign of gratitude to the people who took a risk by building the Piața Romană station, I would like to integrate my ceramic work in a free place, created by the passage of time. In addition, I intend not to change any elements left over from when the station was built (such as the tiles), but only to add, to complement the already existing space. ”

Victor Costache lives in Bucharest and is a visual artist, graduated in 2017 from UNA, Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design, Ceramics department. In parallel, he studies engraving techniques and transfer techniques on ceramic material. Currently, the artistic medium in which he expresses himself is ceramics, and through the materiality-shape-colour-texture relationship, he pushes the limits of the ceramic material and creates a contemporary decorative composition in which painting, graphics and sculpture merge.

Since 2015, he is the co-founder of the Design Neaoș brand, where he is still currently working to find optimal solutions for decorating exterior and interior walls with ceramic veneer or tiles.

Project realized with the support of Display Grup, Impuls Leasing Romania, AMIQ Consulting, ButanGas, interfaț, Respiro Dental, powered by Molotow România.

Works lit with  AVONI Lighting  products