In partnership with the International Center for Research and Education in Innovative Creative Technologies CINETic and UNATC, we built the first open source visual-auditory-sensory performance 2019+ in Romania. ALGORITM explores the technological revolution we are in the midst of and the effect it has and will have on our lives. The performance was released on February 1st , 2020.

Project winner of the originality award at Bucharest Fringe, Independent Theater Marathon, Oct 2021.


Andu Dumitrescu: direction / video installation

Cezar Stanciulescu: sound design

Vero Nica: dramatic structure/ project manager


Cristina Toma

Marius Tănăsescu

Vero Nica

Artistic advisor: Jenniffer Corrales

Teaser A

Teaser G

Teaser O