MIHAI, 28 years old

This crystal appeared out of nowhere in my life 2 years ago. It helped me a lot during that time, when I was exploring mysticism and the significance of the unconscious in our daily existence. When I felt negative energy around, somehow the Crystal was telling me to get out of there…

For example, when I was meeting somebody I didn’t trust yet and I wasn’t sure it was the right way, I looked in my coat pocket and if I had involuntarily placed the crystal there I knew I would be fine or I had chosen the right person or social situation.

Sometimes, after a long day of adventures in which everything had gone decently or well, I arrived home and found out that I’d had the crystal with me, as a confirmation of my trust in the choices made at that time.

A friend told me that a Crystal chooses you and not the other way round.

During those times I preferred to be spontaneous  and follow the good vibe. With such energies it is preferable not to analyze too much. I didn’t respect social conventions, I danced and screamed in the street, I met a lot of beautiful or strange people, and I think it was exactly what I needed by my side.