The “Living Library” program is part of the BEYOND Divides project, financed by Robert Bosch Foundation and implemented by Impact Hub Bucharest in partnership with VAR Association.

Held in 4 cities: Istanbul, Ruhr, Madrid and Bucharest, BEYOND Divides was conceived as an innovative co-creation process, carried out with the aim of connecting urban and rural actors in order to create strong connections, based on dialogue and trust.

“We aim to talk openly about topics such as adolescence, friendship, bullying and career guidance. Together we will make this possible by using methods such as mentoring, storytelling, the Forum Theater and by introducing into the program some captivating books/films, ready to reveal ways of thinking and the vision of our inner and outer world!

In addition to the members of BEYOND Divides project, we will be delighted with the presence of a SURPRISE “BOOK” GUEST (more to follow) and a mentor – the president of  Prahova County Youth Foundation, Mrs Ana Nedelcu, with extensive experience in journalism, psychology, education and many others!”

The first meeting of the “Living Library” took place on January 18th, 2020 at “Brancoveanu Vodă” Theoretical High School in Urlați, Prahova county.


Jennifer Corrales

Vera Nica

Odeta Onea


photo credit: Vero Nica