Wave’s Imprint is an international initiative focused on promoting the creative potential of hard-of-hearing young individuals who also use cochlear implants. This initiative is the result of the fusion between WaveforMe and Sound Imprint, two projects initiated by the VAR Cultural Association that garnered international recognition for their impactful outcomes.

Between 2021 and 2023, the Wave virtual-art gallery showcased over 60 young artists from Canada, Iran, India, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia, Moldova, the US, the Philippines, the Emirates, and Romania. It produced 8 podcasts featuring hard-of-hearing adults involved both locally and internationally in the artistic and cultural domain, two mid-length films created with the involvement and contribution of those already engaged in the projects and 6 public events across 4 major cities in Romania. The project also received recognition at international film festivals and it was pitched at numerous specialized conferences.

Given its success and the support of our partners, VAR Association has decided to take the story a step further.

This year’s format includes:

  1. A collective exhibition showcased in the Wave virtual-art gallery and the production of a mid-length film: both the exhibition and the film will be brought to life through contributions received following a national and international open call for young adults (aged 15-30) with cochlear implants. Entries and applications can be submitted by July 15th at office.waveforme@gmail.com. For further information on how to apply, follow the link https://waveforme.org/uncategorized-ro/open-call-registration-period-01-06-2024-10-07-2024/
  1. Fresh-new podcasts: we are set to produce two podcasts, one featuring a guest from Romania and another from abroad. These podcasts will gather individuals with different geographical backgrounds who share similar experiences, interests, and needs, thus serving as an inspiration for other teenagers across the world who suffer from some degree of hearing loss.
  1. The National Creative Camp: With the support of our partner associations, the first national creative camp will be organized in Arieșeni, Alba County, and will accommodate the needs of a minimum number of 18 hard-of-hearing teenagers (aged 15-25).  The camp will include 3 workshops, each consisting of 6 sessions focused on visual arts, theater/improvisational theater and dramatherapy.

In November, alongside the premiere of our mid-length film, a public event will take place in Bucharest, promoting the results of this year’s edition and the young artists who have joined us on this endeavour.

For more related details and perusal, please e-mail us at office.waveforme@gmail.com.

You can follow the project’s entire evolution both on our Facebook page WaveforMe and on our Instagram profile waveforme.var

Project funded by the Romanian Ministry of Culture. 

Project realized with the support of the National Association of Romanian hearing impaired persons “Hear Life!” and Impuls Leasing Romania

Partners: „Audiosofia”, „Koala Reabilitare Auditiv Verbală” and „Perspective pentru Copii Hipoacuzici”; The Global Coalition of Parents of Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (GPODHH), Immigration Research Forum, Washington D. C., European Federation of Parents of Hearing-Impaired Children 

(FEPEDA), Radio Romania Cultural, București FM.