𝐒𝐎𝐔𝐍𝐃 𝐈𝐌𝐏𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐓 𝟐 – the second medium-length film produced by the VAR Association – it is a production that reflects the quintessence of a project dedicated to hearing-impaired teenagers and preteens (cochlear implants/hearing aids carriers) from Romania. For 10 weeks (January- March 2022) 16 youngers gathered from different regions of the country were challenged through online workshops based on play therapy techniques, percussion, puppet making and visual arts (film, drawing and photography ) to discover and value their inner resources, generating their own visions and creations. During the two months, guided by the project implementation team, they managed to create over 400 video and audio materials which went through a careful selection process in the post-production stage. Therefore, the images and sounds found in the film highlight their identity, resources, quests and wishes. Through this film, the initiators aim to promote diversity and tolerance, thus increasing these youngers’ degree of awareness and acceptance of reality. The audience have the opportunity to discover unique visions and approaches – realities seen, heard and felt by them. An honest dialogue between the creators and the wide audience.


The team: 

Vero Nica: documentation/script/project coordinator

Magda Cernea: coordinator / workshop instructor

Andu Dumitrescu: director/ sound designer/ editor

Nicoleta Codorean (Marriolle) – puppeteer / puppet workshop coordinator

Alex Neagu – musician/percussion workshop coordinator

Mihai Pilcă: communications specialist


Sound Imprint II is supported by Cochelar. Helping Children “Hear now. And always.”

Project supported by the Community Foundation and MOL Romania through MOL Child Healing Programme.

A film by: Natalia Almași / Anisia Banculea / Elena Bușu / Ioan Nectarie Kristensen Chelcea / Nicolae Teodor Kristensen Chelcea / Andrei Drăghici / Liviu Enescu / Nicola Ghinea / Constantin Nectarie Gora ”Costea” / Sonia Mihăilescu / Șerban Mina / Alexandru Mocanu / Matei Mortu / Luana Popa / Albert Sivriu / Cătălina Vasile


Sittannavasal International Film Festival – Best social awareness short film

Best International Film Festival – Best educational film / Honorable mention.

Rohip International Film Festival – Best Social Awareness short film.



SOUND IMPRINT #2 – Therapeutic Artivism during the Pandemic 

BUCHAREST – The VAR Cultural Association is launching the second edition of the “Sound Imprint” project, through a series of ten online workshops dedicated to hearing-impaired youth from different regions of the country. The selection process will take place in December 2021, and between January and March, sixteen young people (between 14-18 years old), wearers of cochlear implants/hearing prostheses, will be led in a whole therapeutic process by a team of professionals. In the weekly sessions, play therapy, drama therapy, percussion and puppet-making techniques will be applied. Registrations can be made to the email address amprenta.sunetului@gmail.com until December 20, 2021. The evolution of the project can be followed on the Facebook page “Amprenta Sunetului.”

The implementation team (drama therapist, percussionist, puppeteer, documentarian, and visual artist) aims to affirm the identity of the participants, express the challenges they face and improve resilience mechanisms and strategies. The final stage of the project will lead to the creation of a medium-length film resulting exclusively from the contributions of young people and reflecting their experiences.

The organizers propose a new way of communication, relating to the sensory and emotional reality of the target group as well as an artistic binder in facilitating social dialogue between this group and the general public. It simultaneously launches a challenge for collective involvement in the promotion of tolerance and diversity, starting a public awareness campaign through mediating the project. The mid-length release will take place both online and at an event organized in Bucharest.