Răzvan Năstase


The work is seen as an attempt to familiarize the Bucharest public with a work of the Romanian visual library. Saturated colours, specific to the advertising era, are used as a tool to integrate tradition into the contemporary. Thus, one of the most popular child portraits made by Nicolae Tonitza is immersed in everyday life with the help of the mosaic floor, specific to public spaces, reminiscent of digital pixels.

Răzvan Năstase (b. 1991) is a graduate of the National University of Arts in Bucharest, Department of Painting. Currently, he lives and works in Bucharest.

He participated in numerous national and international exhibitions, in 2014 obtaining the first prize in the Sofia Biennale “International Student Biennale – Drawing”.

Răzvan explores in his art the dialogue between the three primary elements of the two-dimensional image: colour, composition, and texture. The realm in which the artist manifests is that of purely abstract forms. His approach is essentially minimalist, having its roots in the personal search to understand pure aesthetic thinking in relation to the art object.

The motivation that animates the artist is intrinsic to the artistic act, and spontaneity determines the physical form that the soul and mental phenomena receive.

*Project realized with the support of   Display Grup, Impuls Leasing Romania, AMIQ Consulting, AVONI Lighting, ButanGas, interfața.ro, Respiro Dental