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In a sensitive and multidimensional approach, thought as a succession of video poems, the film captures the portraits and presents the voices of the participants – the protagonists and creators of the film. Through the images they captured, through the emotions and experiences they shared, they managed to give life to authentic, unique, powerful and sensitive stories alike.The evolution of the project can be followed on the  Facebook page ”Amprenta Sunetului”.

The medium length film “Sound Imprint” is an invitation to discovery, empathy and knowledge – a production that reflects the quintessence of a project dedicated to adolescents and pre-adolescents with hearing loss (wearers of cochlear implants / hearing aids) from Romania.

The construction of the project has a strong character of uniqueness and originality both nationally and internationally. During 15 weeks (February-May 2021), 29 youth  from different regions of the country were challenged, through online workshops based on visual arts (drawing, film, photography), play therapy techniques and drama therapy , to discover and capitalize on their inner resources, generating their own visions and creations.

A film by Natalia Almași, Cristian Bogdan, Andrei Bogdan, Cristian Boboc, Ema Bota, Alexandra Brașov, Nectarie Chelcea, Nicolae Chelcea, Octavian Chiosea, Tina Casagicu, Roxana Cazacu, Daniela Cornea, Andreea Deacu, Andreea Enache. Liviu Enescu, Maria Gîngu, Nicola Ghinea, Matei Mortu, Alexandru Mocanu, Rareș Morogan, Cristina Olteanu, Andra Pop, Luana Popa, Antonia Potcoavă, Albert Sivriu, Paul Spanache, Marina Trușcă, Ana Uță, Eduard Vieru

coordinated by Magda Cernea, Andra Hera, Daniela Ilinca, Vero Nica

VAR Association project, supported by the Community Foundation and MOL Romania through MOL Child Healing Programme

Partner organization: ”Ascultă Viața”, ”Audiosofia”, ”Asociația Audiologilor din România”, ”Koala RAV”, ”Perspective pentru copiii hipoacuzici”, ”Auzi, Înțelegi, Trăiești”, ”Asociația de Terapie prin Joc și Dramaterapie din România”.

Media partners: Radio România Cultural, IQads, MODERNISM, România Pozitivă, The Institute